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Nashenas Songs

Nashenas ( ناشناس), born as Sadiq Fitrat Habibi, (صادق فطرت) is a famous Afghan singer since the 1970s whose albums consist of Pashto, Dari, and some Urdu songs.

Nashenas was born in Kandahar but lived most of his life in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is ethnic Pashtun from the Kakar tribe. He sings in both of Afghanistan’s languages, Dari and Pashto as well as in Urdu.

While growing up his family stressed to him the importance of religion as he hailed from the religious elite of the city of Qandahar. He is said to have developed an interest in music. In the early 1970s, Nashenas traveled to the Soviet Union where he obtained his doctorate in Pashto Literature from Moscow State University.


  1. Nahid Faiz says:

    iam agree with my sweety aunti love u my dearest aunti…

  2. Najiba Faiz says:

    I love Nashenas songs when I was 5 years old but unfortunately I never saw him to provide concert in Afghanistan but he provided concerts in Europe and US.